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Our Developer Team: Michele, Endrit, Gerolamo, Guglielmo, Davide, Andrea, Maciej

About us

Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is an innovative company founded in December 2021 by four experts in network and infrastructure security with over 20 years of experience in the field. The idea behind Muscope|Risk was to provide organizations of any size with a clear, impartial view of their cyber security in a simple and efficient manner.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced risk assessment techniques, Muscope|Risk provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's cyber security and provides a customized action plan to manage and prevent security risks. In the course of 2022, the founders worked intensively on the development of the algorithms and overall architecture of the platform, which was subsequently released to partners and clients starting from September.

The mission of Muscope Cybersecurity Srl and Muscope|Risk is to assist organizations in understanding and managing their own cybersecurity risks, allowing them to focus on growing their business, while giving necessary importance to the security of their own organization.

Bruno Founder
Gerolamo Founder
Stefan Founder
Maciej Founder
Giulia Office and Communication Specialist
Maria Chief Growth Officer
Lauma Brand Identity Specialist
Franco Board member