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Code of Ethics

Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is committed to protecting the cybersecurity of our customers, partners, and community. Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions to prevent and combat cyber threats. Our vision is to create a safe and secure digital environment for everyone. Our Code of Ethics is based on fundamental values such as integrity, responsibility, transparency, and respect for individuals and their information. These principles guide all activities of our company and are shared by all team members, collaborators, and partners.

  • Protection of society and the common good: All team members, collaborators, and partners must use information, data, code, and technologies responsibly, avoiding causing harm to individuals, organizations, or entities. Furthermore, all parties involved must actively commit to promoting cybersecurity and protecting the common good.
  • Data security and privacy: All parties involved must protect the security and privacy of customer, employee, and stakeholder data by using the best available practices and technologies and complying with international standards and local laws relating to data protection.
  • Continuous monitoring and updating: Muscope Cybersecurity Srl constantly monitors cyber threats and regularly updates policies, procedures, and technologies to address new risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness: Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is committed to providing training and resources to all team members, collaborators, and partners to ensure they understand the importance of cybersecurity and can follow industry best practices, such as credential management, encryption usage, and data breach prevention.
  • Collaboration and information sharing: All parties involved are encouraged to collaborate with other industry organizations, actively participating in industry initiatives and forums, such as conferences, workshops, and professional associations, to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and solutions, and share information about threats and best practices.
  • Response to security breaches: Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is committed to establishing clear and timely procedures to respond to cybersecurity breaches, including communication with stakeholders, identifying the causes, and implementing corrective measures to prevent future incidents.
  • Coordinated vulnerability disclosure: Muscope Cybersecurity Srl is committed to implementing a plan for coordinated vulnerability disclosure, ensuring that vulnerability information is managed responsibly and that stakeholders are informed in a timely manner. All team members, collaborators, and partners must follow established procedures for reporting and managing discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Honesty and reliability: All team members, collaborators, and partners are required to operate with honesty and reliability, fulfilling commitments and respecting the trust bonds with people.
  • Respect for human rights: All parties involved must respect human rights in all business operations and activities, ensuring that cybersecurity technologies are not used to violate human rights.
  • Data disclosure on a "need-to-know" basis and privacy protection: All team members, collaborators, and partners must share data only with those who need to know it and ensure the privacy of information.
  • Compliance with legal regulations: All team members, collaborators, and partners are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to cybersecurity, including those related to data privacy, information protection, and security breach notification.
  • Accountability and empowerment: Muscope Cybersecurity Srl promotes a culture of accountability and empowerment in cybersecurity. Each team member, collaborator, and partner must understand their responsibilities and be held accountable for their actions.

Adherence to this Code of Ethics is crucial to ensuring the security, integrity, and reputation of Muscope Cybersecurity Srl. We ask all team members, collaborators, partners, and anyone interacting with our company to read, understand, and follow the guidelines established in this document. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Code of Ethics or potential violations, we are open to dialogue and encourage contact with our team or the corporate compliance manager.

This Code of Ethics was last updated on September 1, 2022.