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The CYSR® - Cyber Security Rating

The CYSR is an innovative index that provides organizations with a comprehensive assessment of their cyber security posture, risk level, and resilience against external threats. Designed exclusively for the cyber security domain, The CYSR sets the industry standard for evaluating and understanding an organization's cyber security preparedness and risk.

With unmatched accuracy and predictive power, The CYSR employs advanced methodologies to analyze an organization's attack surface and leverages Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to evaluate the effectiveness of its security measures. By examining the perimeter of potential attacks and monitoring real-time threats, The CYSR offers invaluable insights into an organization's ability to protect its critical assets and defend against cyber attacks.

Categorizing Cybersecurity Risk: The CYSR's Five-Tier Scale

Bad - Intolerable Risk

Organizations with critical vulnerabilities and inadequate cyber security measures that pose an imminent threat to their digital assets. Immediate and significant improvements are required to mitigate the risk and protect against potential cyber incidents.

Poor - High Risk

Organizations with significant vulnerabilities and insufficient cyber security measures that expose them to a high risk of cyber attacks. These organizations need to enhance their security posture to minimize potential threats and protect their sensitive information.

Fair - Medium Risk

Organizations with moderate vulnerabilities and cybersecurity measures that provide a reasonable level of protection. While their security measures may be effective against common threats, they should continuously monitor and improve their defenses to stay ahead of evolving cyber risks.

Good - Low Risk

Organizations with strong cybersecurity practices and a proactive approach to protect their assets. These organizations have robust security measures in place, effectively mitigating risks and demonstrating a solid commitment to cybersecurity.

Excellent - Very Low Risk

Organizations with exceptional cybersecurity posture and comprehensive measures to safeguard their digital infrastructure. These organizations have implemented industry-leading practices, demonstrating a high level of resilience against cyber threats and setting an example for cybersecurity excellence.

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Empowering Organizations to Enhance Cyber Security Readiness with The CYSR

Through its objective analysis and insightful rating system, The CYSR empowers organizations to proactively manage their cybersecurity risks, strengthen their defenses, and make informed decisions to protect their digital assets and maintain a secure operating environment. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's cybersecurity readiness with The CYSR.

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