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Enterprise Cyber Risk

Protecting what you don't know is impossible, MuscopeRisk highlights your company's infrastructure that is exposed to the outside world as seen by malicious hackers.

The first phase is the attack perimeter analysis, this phase allows for a complete outside view of exposed hosts, IPs, websites, and potential attack targets. This phase also analyzes data found in the dark web to have a complete understanding of the attack perimeter directly dependent on the company and external events.

Once the perimeter is identified, the data is analyzed and compared with similar companies in terms of size and personnel to calculate the security rating, a technical number that summarizes your company's cyber posture.

In addition to the rating, important to quickly understand your state, valuable information is provided regarding potential vulnerabilities detected and data exposed to the outside.

The final step is to calculate the risk associated with your company's exposure to the most dangerous threats. MuscopeRisk calculates the risk using the Open Fair model and measures the ALE (Annual Loss Exposure). This allows your company to have a comprehensive understanding of its cyber risk and take proactive measures to minimize it.